Prinzessin Sophia

Princess Sophia and the Frog

Princess Sophia and the Frog is a fairy tale about a little princess named Sophia and her new friend the frog. Sophia is bored and the frog convinces her to give hime a kiss and dance with him. As a reward he takes her away on an adventures to the stars.

On her adventure Sophia learns about feelings. She also learns that she can choose what mood she surrounds herself with, as this will impact her own.

After her return to the castle she realizes that all she needs to be happy is to be surrounded by good friends.

This isn’t just a typical fairy tale because it is more about friendship and happiness than love. It’s a new kind of princess story that takes on old tale and puts a new spin on it.

A true fairy tail about happiness.

“Princess Sophia and the Frog” puts a spin on the traditional princess story, helps children to recognize their feelings and teaches them that they can actively change their mood. 

Princess Sophia and the Frog is available for purchase as paperback book with integrated coloring book or as ebook on Amazon 


Character Ed Book

… Being a mother and a kindergarten teacher, any book that teaches character education rates high with me. This book teaches children the importance of making good choices to reflect your mood. If you surround yourself with good friends and happy people, you will be full of joy as well. It also shows children how they can use their imagination to make anything happen. … Surprisingly my boys, ages 5 and 6, like the story, too! They did not fuss that it was too girlie even once. I think that the travel to space attracted them to the plot. …

I love Suzy Liebermann books. She is a very talented writer. Having worked with and taught children before she has a handle on what the need and like. Her books always have a very positive message and presented in a fun and cute way.

Even though this book is specifically about a Princess and a Frog, even my grandsons like this book. This book teaches us that happiness can be learned, but first you have to be shown the opposite of that, and Sophia meets many who are not happy. She learns for herself how she can be happy in the end.

Love the Rhyming

I love the rhyming in this book, and how Princess Sophia learns about happiness. She is a princess that is bored with her life. She meets a magical frog, and with certain key things Sophia must do, the frog takes her to other places. To learn about happiness, however, Sophia first learns about those who are not. She finally finds a place that is happy and she enjoys it too. But the magic comes to an end and she ends up back at home, with new friends, and is very happy.

This is a great book to help young children explore their feelings and things they can do to actively change their moods. Children learn that if they are feeling sad or angry, they can take action to become happy.
The bright, vivid, colors will be sure to capture your child’s attention. The author Suzy Liebermann does an excellent job teaching children about building character, recognizing one’s feelings and how to take steps in changing how you feel.


I just read Princess Sophia and the Frog and it is a delightful book for little girls.
Every little girl wants to be a princess and they will love reading about Sophia and her new friend the frog. The frog teaches Sophia that being happy is all inside yourself.
Great bedtime story! Teaches good life lessons!

Princess Sophia and the Frog is enjoyable by all small ages and genders, and adults will enjoy the interactive reading time with their young one!

Inspirational for child with speech impairment

I read this book with my daughter who has a speech impairment which has caused her to be delayed in her learning. This book was full of illustrations that held her attention. The wording was simple but not overly simple and written like a poem. I found my daughter motivated to read it by herself.

Entertaining and Educational

Princess Sophia and the Frog by Suzy Liebermann is a wonderful children’s book to bring along in your Kindle to entertain both boys and girls! Additionally, the story is written to appeal to children of varying ages and learning levels – from toddlers who will enjoy the brilliant illustrations and learning their colors while you read to them, to early readers who will enjoy the story line and rhyming words!

Princess Sophia and the Frog is one of many in a bilingual E-Book series by Happy Language Kids. A fun story for children to read, the tale of Princess Sophia and her new friend the Frog is educational for children as well. Children won’t even know they’re learning their colors, rhyming words, exploring their feelings, expanding their vocabulary and learning about friendships!

Cute Book

This is a really cute book! I was surprised it had a twist on the “normal princess” theme, and it is actually a book to teach kids about feelings. It’s important (but sometimes overlooked) to teach kids how to understand what they are feeling, and this book is a fun way to do that. I absolutely love the illustrations in this book as they are so colorful and very bright, making the characters adorable. The way it is written, in almost a rhyming manner, makes it easy to read aloud. My little girls (6 & 3) love princesses, and they loved this book. I was a little surprised it wasn’t too young for my six year old, but she thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and wanted to read it again. It was so fun (and a nice change of pace) for me to read my girls a new princess book with some actual meaning. Princess Sophia and the Frog is a great book, and I recommend it to anyone, as it is enjoyable to read. I also think this would make a great gift. 

Great Teaching Tool

In this fairy tale princess story the author uses enough pictures and bright colors, to drawn the attention of kids especially little girls .Many pyp books, such as this one help with character education in young children. This children’s book about happiness and friendship is written in a rhythmic format and because of this the author focuses really hard on keeping the rhyming going.

In addition to rhyming and pictures there are two lessons kids can get from reading this book. The first is that happiness does not come from things no matter how many material possessions they might have and secondly their friend’s personality, feelings or moods can affect their own which is why it’s important to surround yourself around positive people. This book is a good read and a great teaching tool for small children. I read this book with my daughter who’s a little princess as well and she really enjoyed it.

Bright and Colorful

When I read this book to my son he asked me ‘Why is the princess sad momma?’. At the end he clapped because the princess had found what she had been looking for and was no longer sad. Princess Sophia and the Frog helps teach children about emotions by engaging them in her adventure to find friends and happiness.

I love the artwork found on each page! The pictures are simple, keeping the pages uncluttered. All the words vary in size as well as placement, making them perfect for young minds learning to read. My three year old loved pointing out the colors, characters, and letters he recognized. These bright colorful pages will keep any child’s attention!

Cute Princess Book

I absolutely loved the pictures throughout. I read it to my daughter the other day and she made me take my time reading so she could look at every element on the pages. I like that you could see that the emotions being depicted in each character that went along with the story.
The overall plot I felt it to talk to your child about the story and how Princess Sophia’s moods changed. For little princess and princes it can be hard for them to express their feelings and the dynamic with others around you. I know that with my son, who is 8, has a hard time understanding that it is ok to get mad to sad at your friends, but it is how you express those feelings.

Adorable Book for Little Ones

Buggy really enjoyed reading this book. She herself stated that she was surprised because the frog didn’t do what he was supposed to do. She figured a princess and a frog were supposed to kiss and then the frog would turn into a prince, but that’s not what happens in Princess Sophia and the Frog.

In all honesty, I thought that was what was going to happen too. That’s how all princess and frog stories go, right?

Not this one.

I really did like this book and so did both kids. It was different, it rhymed, and it was cute!

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